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Jason Fazio (AKA Jason Doonside) VK2HJF

13/08/1970 ~ 09/8/2010

Jason Passed away Monday 9th at his home at Doonside at the young age of 39
Jason was a well known person on UHF CB in the early years and always had fun,
In the later years of his hobby he became a Ham Radio op, but he never forgot
who his mates were, he enjoyed BBQs with people off and on radio and going to wyong
field days each year

He was a cheeky and funny guy and he will be very sadly missed as he touched many hearts
and he was a good mate to his friends.


Gordon AKA the rev

Gordon passed away on Tuesday 22/6/2010 after suffering a heart attack at home.

he was known on UHF CB as the rev from Guildford, had many friends on and off radio.
always enjoyed a laugh and a good joke, and was forever helping people.

His first love was for broadcast radio, he was known by many radio personalities over the
last 30+ years, first time i met Gordon was back in 1980 when he was the radio announcer of
what was called 2KA at Penrith.

It is sad to hear he has passed and i send our condolences to his family and friends


042 Johnny

Sad day for Radio
The Passing of 042 Johnny VK2xij

Johnny passed away on Monday 23/3/2009 at just after 2pm at Braeside hospital at Fairfield,
after a hard fought battle with cancer.

Johnny was a Well known and well respected Gentleman of radio, always had a laugh and was always
helping out anyone that was asking a question looking for an answer, if you were lucky to visit him at his
home you would be greeted with a smile and a hand shake, and a offer of a beer or Coffee and cake.

Johnny would Treat people the same way he wanted to be treated he is one of those rare people that
from the old school that never demanded anything and never asked anything in return.

He will be missed by allot of people out there in radio land ch35 will miss him,
Here is a LINK if you wish to send your condolences


Eagle One Trevor

1951 - 16/12/2008

In memory of Eagle One Trevor (real name Wayne Wilson) who died from a stroke as a result of a brain aneurysm on  the night of 16th December 2008 aged 57, born in 1951 he used to be very well known character on the HF CB channel's back in the  80's, mainly in the western suburbs.

He was laid to rest at Pinegrove cemetery on Friday 9th January 2009, he was a great mate who always had the time to listen or help anyone, he will be sorely missed (by Cokebottle Michael)


Tony (Mr T)

7/10/1945 - 19/9/2008

On the 19/9/2008 3:45am Tony lost his battle wile in a Diabetic coma, Tony was well know on UHF CB going back many years on SYD01, he got along with everyone and always was a gentleman.

He always was a funny and witty man, and was always helpful towards people in need, he always tried to help people that had conflicts with others to help them see the good instead of the bad in people.

Tony was always well liked and respected on and off radio, he was a regular up at Georges pizza on a Friday night, and always brought a smile on peoples faces with his Cheeky charm, he enjoyed being with friends and he loved his Helen and we know he loved Dancing.

Mr T will be sadly missed by his family and friends.


Ian (Mr Seaforth)

Farewell Mr Seaforth 
6/8/1957 - 7/8/2007

Today 7/8/2007 11am we lost a great mate Ian (Mr Seaforth) a well loved man, Ian was a man that was always out there ready to help anyone in need, he was sick for along time in hospital and lost his battle.

He gave his time to lots of people and never asked anything in return. His first and foremost love was Sarah his wife she was also his best mate, they both shared helping people when ever they could anytime anywhere. 

His hobbies in life were helping people 4WDriving, camping CB radio, and in the later years Ham radio. He enjoyed turning up at BBQs and was always a great laugh and always very knowledgeable on many things like his father was. 

He will be sadly missed by many of his close friends Danny, Linda (Milly), George, Bill as well as the many peoples hearts he touched over his life time.

Known calls signs mudguts101 ,085 ,85 ,NAB006 , VK2FHAM.

Page 11 from the august 2007 Track Chat Magazine
Suzuki 4WD Club of NSW

Here is a LINK if you wish to send your condolences

Links  to what was read at the funeral By
Milly & Danny


COLIN (955)

Sad to say we have lost another great Radio Operator Colin  (955 from HF) Colin was a person that was very easy to get along with was happy to help were ever he could on and off radio, in the late 80s to the late 90s he was a Crest Monitor on CH9 HF and in the late 90s was also a monitor Ch5 UHF.

He also was President of a HF CB Club in the same time frame He always was a joker and knew how to take as well as give a good joke he was known not only Australia wide but world wide on 27megs HF as he loved Talking DX when he could, he will be missed by many people Our condolences go out to his family and friends he is and will always be a gentleman of the airwaves We will miss him Cheers Colin Catch you on the flip side old friend.



Bad news we have again lost another good CBer Jason Cox (Coat Hanger), Died last Wednesday 15/05/2002 up the north cost. Coat Hanger one of the good guys happy go lucky easy to get a long with all ways good for a laugh he liked meeting people having BBQ`s Loved CB be it HF or UHF, he used to talk on Ch 2 repeater with all his mates.

He never had a bad thing to say to people on radio he sooner turn off his radio then get into a fight on air. Lots of people will miss him i know i will and so will my kids as they used to have lots of fun when we went to visit him when he lived out past Campbelltown. his favourite one liner was Come on now.



Its sad to say we have lost a real gentleman of the airwaves on the 26/6/2001 Paul (COWBOY) From campbelltown past away in the morning. After a long fight with cancer. He was a gentleman and a man of men farther and husband.

He was happy to help and chat to anyone on CB, hard worker and a lover of motor bikes and as well as cars he will be missed buy allot of people he had many friends on and off the radio anyone that met him liked him, he was easy to get a long with and fun loving with a good sense of humour our condolences go out to his family and friends and to you Cowboy i will raze my glass to you and tip my hat i will miss you (BuNtEr).



It is a sad day again for radio for the loss of another good radio operator Jason from pendo passed away on 6/11/2001 Monday Afternoon After battling With cancer, he was a good Man he leaves behind many friends and a wife and young daughter he was only 26 years of age  He had Acute lymphoblast Leukaemia. We at CBDomain send out our condolences to his wife KC and little Kayla and all his fiends and family for there loss PLEASE VISIT HIS WEBPAGE

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