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Danny's The Eulogy for Ian Harris (Mr Seaforth)

Today we are here to farewell a giant in our lives,

A fellow that everybody who came into contact with - instantly liked and felt at home in his presence

Our Beloved Friend Mr Ian Harris...

kindly known as MR Seaforth, came into this world 6Th August 1957 - He was an only child to George Patrick and Patricia Helen Harris and he departed this world - one day after his 50Th Birthday on the 7Th - August -2007

Ian was a fellow that had a heart the size of Australia -and enjoyed the company and companionship of others. Ian always loved to be around people, and people loved to be around him.

As a good friend said about Ian Quote " A really big heart on two legs"

End Quote

When Ian Walked into the room- people felt at ease and always looked forward to being with him.

He was quick to the whit and always enjoyed a laugh.

Ian during his life - seemed to put himself second and always was there to give a helping hand - be it moving a house to ripping a gearbox out.

He was extremely good with his hands and knew his way around most mechanical devices.

Anybody that got to know Ian appreciated his skills at story telling - yes Ian had a way of turning a little yarn into a big story, that held your attention and generally brought a roar of laughter from the listener's.

Ian over his life was known to his mates as mister adventure - he was always looking at doing something different - never contempt to settle on one thing.

When Ian found a new project, he was so keen on getting anybody around him involved- and his enthusiasm for that task at hand sucked you in. So lets say if Ian got into it - so did you.

He would be the one to try something new - always willing to take a risk at something different.

He had a large range of interest and hobbies- from radio - computers - 4wd Driving- Fishing- Boating- Motorcycling- Motor sport - Music - Movies- Slot cars - RC cars -camping- touring

........ and he even had a go at hang gliding...

Ian was a person that treasured friendships and if you had Ian as a friend ...... then you had a friend.

Speaking for myself - our friendship spanned over 28 years and Ian was always a constant in my life - dependable - loyal - loving and honest.

- If I needed a chat then he was there -

- If I needed a hand he was there -

- If I needed a lift --- Ian was there -

- If I needed a kick in the bum .... he supplied it -

- If I needed a friend - I always knew he was....... and he always was.

And Ian was there for all his friends -

Ian would always put a sparkle in a gloomy day.

Ian had been around for most of my life - he was there for my 18Th Birthday, 21st Birthday - he was my best man - and any major life event that was important to me he was there.

One of Ian's greatest loves - besides Sarah - was his Radio - Ian they say was born with a microphone in his hand - Anything to do with radio - Ian was there -

Over the 35 plus years on radio - He meet and made friends to hundreds of people and all will miss his voice over the airways.


Ian got his Amateur call - and that is VK2FHAM... FHAM.. for short and

we are proud of him for doing it.

Ian loved to be involved with community based service's and would put

his heart into any duties that was put to him.

Some of the services he was involved with - where

-Sea Scouts -

-coastal Patrol -

-State Emergency Services -

-Crest -

............... and there where many more....

Ian was a Man that needed to be busy and involved - and that he was .

As George pointed out "Ian always had a smile"

In Closing...

Ian will be missed, But Never forgotten,

He will always remain in our hearts and a memory never to be lost.

He bought friendship love and YES laughter into all of our lives.

And for that ... we thank you Mr Seaforth

So My friends - lets Celebrate the time he shared with us all.

Next time you hear a crackle over the airways - that's VK2FHAM calling CQ

So Rest in Peace ... IAN HARRIS..... THANK YOU

By Danny Hayes