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Well we don't have many of these laying around

Les Laser is a legend he has been on radio longer than most radio ops have been alive he is a really nice man he gets reved up by people  but when you sit down and listen to this man speak, on any subject from when he worked for Leyland and about planes and all kinds of things he is very knowledgeable, this man knows how to run a chat channel on CB and i think we all should take a leaf out of Les lasers book, he is a man among men we should listen to him more often he has a lot of good things to say remember he is our oldest CBer on radio at this time in Sydney i think he is in his 80s or close to it, he will help anyone that needs help.

The latest update on Les is he is now in a nursing home and does not get on radio, not sure if we will ever hear him on again.