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1999's FTP Info

We have just setup an ftp, so you who wish to upload manuals, mods. Wave/Mp3 Recordings or mods and schematics, can do it saving having to email them and if there too big to send by email you can upload them now.

If you do upload files please put a text file with your nick in its folder you make so we can add your nick to the downloads pages, so people can see who upload them make shore to put in the text file what you uploaded please

Warning no uploading of any illegal files/software/porn as all ips are also logged on the ftp, if you break these rules your ip will be forwarded to authorities.

Login:                                          FTP IS OFF LINE FOR NOW SORRY

You Must have passive mode turned on

If you wish to have your own account on the FTP, if you like uploading useful files for everyone we can arrange that