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This page is of people that are nice guys on the airwaves
that have a good sense of humour and are Honest and true


George the pizza man is one of the nicest Person you could ever come across, he is a friend to everyone, he loves BBQs and playing cards, he will help people out when he can, he hasn't a bad bone in his body, he also makes the Best pizza in Sydney. (UHF Ch7)

Ian & Sarah This pair are one of the nicest people around out there willing to help people be it CB radio ops or people in the Community they spend more time helping people than they do on them selves.

They love CB BBQs and meetings with other radio ops up at Georges Pizza Shop. 4WDriveing and fishing and camping.
(UHF CB, HF CB, HAM Radio)


(River Rat) loves to joke around with people, gets on with most also loves them white ant's will help out were and when he can. (UHF Ch7)

Johnny (042) Now this is a gentleman of the airwaves he don't hate people he will chat with anyone that speaks to him with the same respect. He is quick with a joke and makes a good cup of coffee (HF 35 LSB)
Chris (33) Now this guy is funny most of the time even when some lamer tries to upset him quick witted makes the lamer look like a complete fool when they tangle with the 33 his hobbies are golf and his little mate black Benny lol as you have to hear it  its so bloody funny (HF 35 LSB UHF07)
Milly & Danny Milly is a great lady loves to chat with anyone never a bad word from this lady to anyone, Danny (550) funny bugger most of the time loves to chat radio and a joke also good with advice on radio and 4WDriving. Both Milly and Danny like to help out anyone when they can. they Also live Spending time at BBQs &  fishing and camping

PS. Danny is a piss funny bugger when he has been drinking his Favourite red wine.

(UHF CB, HF CB, Ham Radio)

Simmo (mud duck 1 or 762) What can I say man of many words and sayings he has put a few in there place when its needed he also likes a good chat and is also quick to make a idiot stand out for his/her crimes (HF 35 LSB)
Mr white (Rev White) loves his pepper steaks and his white power music he is funny likes to enjoy life will chat to anyone but if you upset him you may not like your punishment as he has works in the crematorium as a burner aka the cremations the man that lights the fire (UHF Ch1)
Trevor Is a gentleman of CB he drives a truck for a living (The Yellow Submarine) is always good for a joke all the time and easy to get on with and with a fun loving attitude. He likes jumping the yellow submarine up gutters running over traffic lights and taking the corners out of buildings lol well not really but that's what happen to him a month or so ago bugger keep off the sidewalks if you see a yellow merc (UHF Ch1)
Sooty A man of men, a man with time for people for a chat kind in all his wisdom funny as hell loves to a joke loves chatting on the radio wile driving his truck around town will befriend anyone as long as they behave and conduct themselves in a good manor BUT will not let anyone upset him as every day is a wonderful day (He owes BuNtEr a pizza Still)
Boris YAYA Scania is his favourite saying yes he owns and drives a Scania  cab over prime mover its a nice big white truck, he is good for a chat and a joke he is easy to get on with will talk to anyone all-round nice guy He really loves his Truck
Mr ooh la la Chats with everyone never has a bad word to say, he just likes to see people happy and getting on with each other, always good for a joke and good clean fun always a gentleman Mr. ooh la la, ooh la la (HF 35 LSB & UHF7)

Stop filling Bill Mays hills Pockets full of empty cans and papers , ha ha ha ha
Rose Rose loves to have fun and a good laugh, she loves talking to anyone and helps out were she can she also loves BBQs with her Radio Mates. (UHF Ch7)
Royce Gets on with everyone loves a chat and a joke, knows allot about remote control cars, and hot rods. love's his BF XR6 turbo.  (UHF Ch7)
Chris Bondi He is a nice chap has great Audio, great for a chat and a joke, yep he lives somewhere around bondi not far from the beach, he loves talking about excellent old HF radios he knows all the great ones, he gets on with everyone, He once had a domino pizza deliverd to Georges pizza shop for a joke on ya Bondi
Yob Is easy to get on with he likes racing his car on the track and chatting on the CB he is well liked by all that know him. BUT if you upset him well bend over and kiss ya ass goodbye because he don't muck around with lamers (UHF Ch7)
Ozzy well what can i say easy to get a long with loves a joke, one thing he is very passionate about is the country he loves so much Australia, ask him to show you his tat that will tell you how much he loves his home. (UHF Ch7)
Richie Funny person is Richie he could put a smile and get a laugh from the grim reaper, easy going gets on with everyone on CB, Knows allot about his main passion and that is old school BMX. (UHF Ch7)
Just Rod Rod is a really nice guy, he like's to make people laugh and loves seeing people enjoying them self's, up at Georges pizza Rod is known as the garlic bread theft, rod likes 4WD,BBQs, and Georges pizza Rod gets on with everyone. (UHF Ch7)
Shane whenty
Gets on with everyone and loves just to get on radio and and a joke and a chat. (UHF Ch7)
John Mays Hill Easy to get on with loves a chat and a joke, will help out almost anyone when in need,
loves chasing DX on 35LSB and enjoys all aspects of CB radio. he LOVES a BBQ.
Mr Comments Always a gentleman with a great sense of humour, you will always here him with a joke and always calling out for Dog 2, knows allot about geocacheing. and been on radio for well over 20 years (UHF Ch7)
JJ Little JJ just loves Radio and meeting people as well as helping out when he can, JJ`s love is Going out and Motor bike's he loves Harleys. (UHF Ch7)

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